Choosing the Best Web Browser for You

Since there are so many available, you may have a difficult time choosing the best web browser for you. Since they each have unique advantages and disadvantages, it can become overwhelming to find exactly what you’re looking for. Therefore, we put together this handy guide to help you find the best web browser (for you).

Things to consider

When choosing a browser, you should decide which factors are most important to you. Since everyone has their own priorities, certain considerations will be more important to you than someone else. You should probably choose 2 or 3 aspects to focus on, rather than expecting a perfect match on every point.

  • Speed
  • Customization
  • Extensions / Addons
  • Bandwidth
  • OS Compatibility
  • Device Compatibility
  • Developer Tools/Needs

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Google Chrome is probably the more secure web browsers around. Chrome offers extras such as: Site verification, On-page translation, Incognito Mode, and multiple tab organization.

Speed – Chrome has fast boot up and loading times.

Customization – Chrome lets you customize your dashboard

Extensions – Chrome offers a variety of extensions

OS Compatibility – Chrome supports most Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Device Compatibility – Chrome Mobile supports some Android phones, iPads, and iPhones. Chrome does not support Blackberry or Windows phones.

Developer Tools/Needs:

  • Good support of HTML5
  • Each tab is a self contained process. This means that if one page starts to lag, Chrome can isolate the problem rather than crashing outright.
  • Chrome offers developer tools for programmers
  • Plugins are easy to code using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has a simple interface with one-click buttons. Firefox offers extras such as: Firefox Hello (A video chat service compatible across browsers), and “Crash Protection” for plugins to automatically restart after crashing. Because Firefox adheres strictly to the W3C standards, it remains one of the most universally accessible browsers on the market.

Speed – While Firefox is fast and getting faster, Chrome is still in the lead.

Customization – Firefox has an “Awesome Bar” that learns from your Internet searches and finds content tailored for you. They also offer themes to customize the look of the browser.

Add-Ons – Firefox offers a variety of add-ons

OS Compatibility – Firefox supports most Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Device Compatibility – Firefox Mobile supports some Android devices. Firefox does not support iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, or Windows Phones.

Developer Tools/Needs– Add-ons use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


While Opera is known for speed, another cool feature is it’s easy navigation using Opera Mouse.While clicking and holding down your mouse button you can move the mouse back and forth to jump pages, or up and down to scroll. Most noteworthy, it now comes with a built-in free VPN client for secure browsing.

Speed – Opera is the fastest browser because of it’s use of  Carakan JavaScript

Widgets – Opera offers widgets that run on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops

Bandwidth – Opera offers Opera Turbo that uses less bandwidth

OS Compatibility – Opera supports most Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Device Compatibility – Opera Mobile/Mini supports most Android devices. Opera does not support iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, or Windows Phones.

Developers Tools/Needs – Widgets have tools for easy coding

Apple SafariSafari

Safari is optimized for Mac users. It features a favorites and bookmarks bar. Another great feature is its reader mode, which can render pages in an easy to read text-only format.

Speed – While Safari is pretty fast, it still lags far behind Chrome.

Extensions – Safari has extensions but not as many – more are coming. While we wait, the ones available so far are pretty useful.

OS Compatibility – Safari is geared towards Mac users but some versions do work on Windows. Safari does not support Linux.

Device Compatibility  – Mobile Safari supports most iPads and iPhones. Safari does not support Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phones.

Developer Tools/Needs – Safari uses webkit which may appeal to developers, and it is pushing HTML5.

Internet ExplorerThe Death Of Internet Explorer

Finally, there is a good reason why I left this Browser out of the comparison. Since January 12th, 2016, Microsoft no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer except 11. Consequently, you should uninstall IE from your system immediately. Because Microsoft won’t release any new security patches, exploits will go unfixed. Furthermore, leaving outdated software on your system potentially opens up doors for hackers.


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Learn more specifics about Device compatibility: Cross Browser Testing.

Developer Browser Cross-Compatibility Tools

Google Event. The Good and The Bad.

Google held their press event on Tuesday, September 19th in San Francisco announcing many new products such as the Nexus 6P and 5X, the new Chromecast 2, Chromecast Audio, and the Pixel C. They also announced their new Operating System.

Top Rated StampNexus 6P

This was the most anticipated product coming out of Google and is considered the “flagship”. While there are a lot of great features in this new phone some have found minor complaints about the Nexus 6P

5.7 Inches
1440 Resolution
Metal Exterior
Gorilla Glass 4
7.3mm Thick
Snapdragon 810 Processor

                Complaint: Users disappointed in this version of Snapdragon

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System

                Complaint: Future is looking at 4GB and some worry this will not be enough RAM

Project Fi (WIFI) Availability
Updated Camera – 8 Megapixel front-facing and 12.3 Megapixel Back facing (4K video and slow-motion shots)

                Complaint: There is a camera bump (similar to the iPhone bump) and an “ugly” black bar

                Complaint: Does not have optical image stabilization (OIS)

2 Front Facing Speakers
Nexus Imprint – Fingerprint sensor. Used to easily unlock phone and can be used to authorize payments on android pay or the play store.
Larger Battery
USB Type-C port charging – “can charge the device twice as quickly as an iPhone 6 Plus” – The Verge

               Complaint: Need to buy new cord.

                Complaint: Future is leaning towards the wireless charging. Users disappointed that was not incorporated.

Colors – Frost White, Aluminum, and graphite
Cost – $499

Best Price StampNexus 5X

The Nexus 5X is considered the affordable alternative to the Nexus 6P over $100 cheaper. Even that being said it still has a lot of great features but the biggest worry it is not worth the update from their current phone. (ibtimes)

5.2 Inches
1080 Resolution
Gorilla Glass 3
Equipped with Android Marshmallow
Project Fi (Wireless Network) availability
Bigger battery
Nexus Imprint – Fingerprint sensor. Used to easily unlock phone and can be used to authorize payments on android pay or the play store.
USB Type-C port charging – “can charge the device twice as quickly as an iPhone 6 Plus” – The Verge

               Complaint: Need to buy new cord.

                Complaint: Future is leaning towards the wireless charging. Users disappointed that was not incorporated.

Snapdragon 808 processor – Many like this processor better than Nexus 6P’s Snapdragon 810
12-megapixel camera (4k video)
Cost – $379

Chromecast 2

Chromecast has gotten some updates but luckily the price did not change. A new look along with better Wifi are only a few update. Some features are still yet to come in the next year.

Wifi Updates – Supports 5GHz Wi-Fi and has 2 antennas for better streaming
New Look – A small disc with bendable HDMI arm
Colors – red, yellow, and black
Cost – $35 (no change)
Google ChromeChromecast App Update – Universal voice search tool – “fast Play” videos google thinks you want to watch – “what’s On” popular content (youtube and Netflix) – adding new apps, showtime, sling TV, NBA, and NHL and Spotify

                Only Complaint:  Does not support 4k TVs

Chromecast Audio

Google announced a brand new product called Chromecast Audio. A neat way to put life back into your old speakers. You can connect and send music. Many were happy to here Chromecast now supports Spotify. With it’s cute look it seems to be a hit.

Plugs Into Speaker – 3.5mm audio port
OS Support –  iOS/Android/Chrome
Supports RCA or optical outputs
Connect and Send Music –  Using google play, Pandora, NPR one, Rdio, and Spotify (controlled by phone lock screen and android smartwatch or android and chrome tab)
Cool Look -Looks like a mini vinyl record
Cost – $35

                Complaint: Users are concerned with compatibility with speakers.

Android TabletPixel C

Top feature of the tablet Pixel C is that fact it is light but solid. The keyboard connects well and feels stable. While there is not a release date Google promises it will be out by the holidays.

10.2 Inch Tablet
Detachable Keyboard
USB Type-C port charging – “can charge the device twice as quickly as an iPhone 6 Plus” – The Verge

                Complaint: Need to buy new cord.

Nvidia X1 Processor

                Complaint: Users likes Intel Processor and not sure why they switched. 

3GB of RAM
Android Marshmallow       

                 Complaint: Users want the Chrome OS. Using a mobile OS limits some of the things that can be done on the tablet.

Cost – $499
Keyboard cost – $149

                Complaint: Enter and delete key take time to getting used to placement.
Complaint: No touch pad. Sometimes the touchscreen is not optimal e.i. word documents.

androidAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow

Android’s new ‘M’ operating system is the 6.0 Marshmallow. It comes with some desirable improvements.

Notifications  – More consistent
Improves Battery Life
Fine-Grained Privacy Controls
Now on Tap – Google searches and voice interaction in individual apps
Doze – Power-saving mode – shuts down processes when hasn’t been moving or used

Not released to enough phones to have any known complaints

Devices to get Android Marshmallow:

End of 2015 – HTC One M9, One M8

Early 2016 – HTC M9+, HTC E9, HTCME, HTC E8, HTC M8 EYE, HTC Butterfly 3, HTC Desire 826, HTC Desire 820, HTC Desire 815

Samsung has yet to say except their new devices will not be launching with it. – techRepublic