Good WordPress Administrator Names

Pick Strong WordPress Administrator Names to Avoid HackingGood WordPress Administrator Names

WordPress lets you select your administrator name and by default, historically we have seen ‘admin’ come up as the most often used name. But using ‘admin’ as your username for WordPress is a potential security breach in the making. When hackers try to brute-force their way into a site, the first name they try is the old standby. There are better and more secure choices. Read on, for some options on good WordPress Administrator names.


  • Your private email address; pick one you use that will not be placed
    prominently on the site.
  • A memorable phrase; something with a few words that you won’t forget but won’t be apparent to a site visitor.
  • A name with numbers or characters; any numbers will help.
  • WordPress also permits symbols in its usernames.

Dont’s:Strong WordPress Administrator Names Keep Your Website Safe

  • Keep the default ‘Admin’
  • An email address displayed on your site itself
  • Your domain name

Wordfence monitors brute-force attacks, and we see ‘admin’ used in hacking attempts more than anything. You don’t have to make your WordPress username as complex as a password, but making it a little more creative and difficult to guess will make your site much more secure.


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