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Welcome to Appletree MediaWorks, LLC

We are a Michigan based company that designs and develops websites for businesses, organizations and labor unions. Our staff is made up of a group of talented individuals that work together to create a plan for your online success.

We believe that your online and print marketing efforts should help your business grow, not just be money spent with no return on investment. That’s why we take the time to get to know your business and determine how to help your sales grow.

As the economy becomes tighter, competitive pressures tend to increase and every dollar spent has to hold accountability in support of moving your business forward.–Katie D.

Appletree MediaWorks Blog

KRACK Wi-Fi Attack and What You Need to Do

KRACK Wi-Fi Attack is Whack A security weakness has been discovered in the Wi-Fi protocol which allows attackers to intercept passwords and do much more damage. This weakness is being referred to as a KRACK attack (Key Reinstallation Attacks). KRACK works by targeting the four-way handshake that occurs when a device connects to Wi-Fi. KRACK […]


The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing

Clients often ask us whether they should invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The answer often depends on the client’s individual needs, but essential to making that decision is truly understanding the difference between the two. SEO is a long term investment. It involves making tweaks and adding content with […]


Courts Challenge Internet Speech

Many people view the Internet as a vast playground where they are free to express their online speech without consequence. Recent legal trends, however, seem to be leading us down a different path. US Corporations have been coming down hard with litigation – and often winning – against individuals for offenses as seemingly harmless as […]


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Referral Program

Our philosophy is that the best services and products can be found at businesses that have been recommended by other businesses. We also believe that you should be thanked for recommending Appletree MediaWorks to a friend.

Your friend gets great service and you get free services.

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On the Air

Appletree MediaWorks appears on The Union Edge Talk Radio Show – Labor’s Talk Radio to talk about the latest on technology and how to grow your business using the internet. We keep up with the latest online tools then share tips and information with listeners.

Listen in on Wednesdays to catch our episodes of Safe Tech Talk

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“Appletree has done a fantastic job of helping our union greatly improve our entire communications. From a state of the art website to Facebook and everything in between. Appletree has done a great job for the UWUA. They get our information out in real time.”

UWUA-GrayMichael Langford
National President

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