Dimitri Vassilaros: The Lovable Libertarian

Custom Graphic Design Media Services

Appletree MediaWorks was challenged to create a special hand-drawn graphic design for Dimitri’s website and radio show using our media services. Dimitri’s site required our web programmers to integrate Live365 into the website and draw in website visitors using search engine optimization.

Dimitri2020 Media Services

An Inside Joke

Appletree’s talented graphic designer/illustrator enjoyed working on this piece of unique hand drawn art. Dimitri knew what he wanted, but couldn’t describe it. Appletree’s patient web development and graphic design team worked together to architect the perfect website theme for Dimitri’s radio show. Once he saw the graphic design from our team he knew he had found what he was looking for. The website design features many inside jokes for Dimitri’s audience and Pittsburgh residents. The website interface is a “door” to the Dimitri 2020 LLC Radio Show.

Services Include:

Logo Design Services, Hand Drawn Graphic Illustration, Website Design, Mobile Website Solution, Email Setup, Domain Services, Anti-Hacking Tools, Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Services, Live365 Radio Integration, Website Visitor Reporting, Digital Media Services, 3rd Party API Integration

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