Migrate to a WordPress SiteWe’re often asked what advantages WordPress has over traditional “normal” web sites. Why should you  migrate to a WordPress site? The short answer is simple: WordPress is so easy to maintain that it enables you to deliver content to your customers with increased rapidity, in a way that keeps up with – and plugs into – today’s social media driven web.

WordPress is a content management system – a platform that empowers content creators with easy publishing and editing features which put you and your team in control of your content. To your customers, WordPress functions exactly like a regular website, while having significant advantages, which the WebMechanix blog elaborates upon.

Fast and Easy

  • WordPress allows for quick and easy content changes. If you need to edit a web page or fix a blog post, it can be done in moments without a high level of technical knowledge. If you have used Facebook, you already have the skills required to maintain your own WordPress web site.

User Control

  • Not only does WordPress enable you to edit your own content, but it also allows you to grant access to any number of users, with very fine-tuned levels of control. You can easily set up a team of administrators, editors, authors, contributors, and so on. At Appletree MediaWorks, we can also create custom user roles to fit your precise needs. This level of control would be more difficult to set up on a traditional web site and often requires more in-depth training once the system is live.

Versatile Platform

  • Though WordPress started out as a platform for bloggers, it has grown into something much more comprehensive and powerful over time. With WordPress, you can host a static “normal” website, a blog, or a combination of the two.

Customizable Themes

  • The appearance of a WordPress web site is completely customizable. A common misconception is that every WordPress site looks the same; however, this is not the case. Appletree MediaWorks has years of experience building customized WordPress themes for our clients.  Our portfolio highlights some work we’ve done previously, and provides an idea of the services we could do for your business.

Awesome Plugins

  • Thousands of plugins, maintained by an actively engaged community of developers, ensures that WordPress will continue to be a viable solution long into the future. Want to add an event calendar? A photo gallery? Facebook integration? Trackable social media integration? No problem.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

  • WordPress is SEO friendly – Google, Bing, and other search engines love to crawl WordPress web sites. This not only means that you’re likely to pop up on a web search, but that your updates and new blog posts are more likely to be discovered as well.

There are many components to consider when planning your new website. Ultimately, the most important requirement is that your message gets delivered to your prospective clients in a positive and engaging way. The Appletree Media experts can help you set up a WordPress website to make this an easy, fast, and flexible reality. We are also experienced at migrating existing web sites to WordPress.

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