Does your website suck?

Does your website suck? Pointers on how to help your website make the cut.

Appletree MediaWorks recently appeared on the The Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio show to share pointers on improving the user experience level of your website.  Website designers and developers spent dozens of hours creating your website, but all too often some of the most important components are missed. She shares her tips below.

Listen to the Full Interview from The Union Edge Radio Show

Website Usability

Usability goes hand in hand with readability but is not the same thing. When was the last time you visited a website and were surprised to find so much information available but none of being what you came to the site for? This leads to an increased bounce rate in your website analytics because visitors just aren’t getting that they came for.

Effortless Usage should be your goal.

  • Keep sign up and contact forms short. (Don’t worry, you can ask your subscriber for more information later).
  • Highlight important news and announcements.
  • Don’t make the user scroll horizontal.

User Interface Design

Make sure your fonts are also readable on all devices and keep your audience in mind at all times. Your colors should match your logo or business colors but don’t make your website colors and fonts offensive or difficult to read. If your colors combined are offensive any way you change them then it’s time to call in a graphic designer.

We all love photos but on a website they should be present for a reason, not just to fill in space. They should support your site’s content. An important aspect to your website should also be a union label. This is a sign of a website created with pride and precision by professionally trained union members.

A Tip for The Times

If you are going to invest in some website improvements, the best place to invest is in making your website mobile ready.  Image downloading can be a nightmare for a mobile user; websites need to be simple and short for mobile access. Your user wants everything but you must be considerate of their device capabilities.

Appletree MediaWorks, LLC is a union online communications company based in Michigan. Their employees are members of the Printing Packaging and Production Workers Union of North America (PPPWU). For more information visit:

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