Cat Tech Tips - Computer Updates

Cat Tech Tips – Computer Updates

You’re merrily typing along or browsing Facebook when suddenly Windows informs you that it has updated and wants to restart – what’s that all about? If Windows needs to update this often, what ELSE needs to be updated?

The answer is: Quite a few things! And many of those things have probably gone without computer updates for years. Keeping your machine updated makes it run more smoothly, and keeps it more secure.

So what needs to be updated?

–          Windows Updates: Windows usually updates periodically on its own, but it doesn’t hurt to check and see what non-essential updates need to be installed, and to just tell everything to get it over with right now.

–          Antivirus Updates: Your antivirus software should be updating and scanning regularly on its own if it was installed properly, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

–          Driver Updates: Drivers are little programs that make your hardware play nice with the rest of the computer, and you rarely think to update them. Software like Device Doctor can get everything up to where it should be. Be sure to back up your computer first!

–          Browser Updates: Browser updates patch security holes and are essential – check to make sure your updates are turned on and if not, update those browsers manually.

–          Third Party Updates: Other programs like Flash, Java, and Adobe Reader will prompt you to update. They will nag, badger and annoy you with reminders, often times they will badger you to the point your antivirus program will question their motives. We may never know why a PDF reader needs more updates than everything else combined, but just let it do its thing.*

*IMPORTANT: Do read the text on what you are updating. Sometimes sneaky malware will masquerade as something legitimate, and sometimes McAfee will try to slip in with other programs such as taskbars. Uncheck those checkboxes if you don’t want a certain piece of software.

Proceed With Caution
As always, back up your computer or tablet before making major changes (such as the driver updates), and we are not responsible for any issues you may encounter, such as throwing computer out the window in frustration after finding McAfee sneaking in for the sixth time.

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