Best tech gifts 2018

Christmas is coming up quick. You may still have some last minute gifts to get for your “hard to buy for” friends and family. Here are ten of the best tech gifts of 2019 that are affordable and might make them happy.

  1.  Cable Straps

    These are super helpful at keeping cords from getting tangled. These would be perfect for anyone who is always carrying around headphones (and always taking 3 minutes to untangle them after having them in their pocket), or anyone who carries around a phone or laptop charger everywhere they go.

  2. Wireless Headphones

    Rather than keeping wires untangled, why not just get rid of them? Wireless headphones are increasing in popularity due to Apple removing the headphone jack from its iPhone. If you don’t want to spend $160 for Apple’s Airpods, you could get your loved one these headphones for just $30! These would also be perfect for any gym-junkie or runners you may know.

  3. Lens Kit

    Expand the capabilities of almost any smartphone camera with these clip-on lenses. This is perfect for the person who dedicates 90% of their
    phone storage to pictures. They can spice up their social media and take professional-looking pictures without needing a big camera.

  4. Portable Charger

    Good for heavy users, this portable power bank claims to be able to hold 3 and a half times the charge of an iPhone 8. This is a good backup plan to keep your phone charged in the case of a power outage or anything like that. Anyone who travels a lot may find good uses for this as well.

  5. Virtual Reality Headset

    Turn almost any phone into an immersive virtual world experience with this headset. Compatible with smartphones ranging in size from 4.0 to 6.3 inches, this is a good gift for mobile gamers. A remote control is also included to enhance the gaming or video viewing experience.

  6. Fire HD 8 Tablet

    This tablet is good for anyone in search of casual browsing and/or reading, and even some light mobile gaming. It’s also only $50 right now. With this device, you can efficiently do all the essentials for a fraction of the price of other tablets. If you have a kid and you’re looking to invest in an electronic device to keep them occupied, Amazon’s Fire 7 Kids Edition is a fantastic option.

  7. Bluetooth Tracker

    Do you know somebody who is always losing their keys or phone? Or someone who is paranoid of forgetting their purse somewhere? Firstly, This tracker connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Through the app, you can locate the tracker on a map, and if it disconnects from your phone, you will be alerted. Secondly, you can use the tracker itself to locate a misplaced phone and make it ring.

  8. Amazon Echo Dot

    Right now, you can snag the 2nd generation Echo Dot for $20. Amazon describes the Dot as “a voice-controlled speaker that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, set timers and alarms, and more.” These things are nice when you’re cleaning the house or having a get together, or when you just don’t feel like moving from the couch.

  9. SN30 Gamepad

    Bust out the nostalgia cannon with this one. This controller mimics that of the SNES and adds analog sticks and rear buttons. It is completely compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Steam, and even the Nintendo Switch. Make any classic gamer’s Christmas with this gift.

  10. Dash Cam

    Having a dash cam can seriously save you in tough situations. If an accident happens that isn’t your fault, this thing will have your back. On top of that, it can also monitor your car when it is parked and off. It will sense motion and begin recording if anyone or anything moves within view of the 170° camera lens.

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