Lets Have A Look At An Energy Bill Service Scam

Here we have a classic scam email captured in its natural environment, which presents a good opportunity to learn how to spot them. This one is rather straightforward and deceptive. Note the alarming nature of the email, intent on distracting attention away from the fact that your “energy bill” is being sent from Japan. It is worth noting that email addresses are notoriously easy to spoof, so it won’t always be so obvious. Scam emails can just as easily appear as if they came from a legitimate source.

A better tell might be the obligatory “click here” link. If you hover over it with your mouse, the link itself is suspicious – the URL has nothing to do with an energy company. Link targets are much more difficult to fake, but can sometimes look very similar to a more legitimate address, so look closely!

This scammer even has the nerve to instruct you to add their email address to your approved mailing list so that future scams won’t be blocked by your spam filter. It is never a good idea to do this unless you are 100% certain the email is legit.

As always, if you receive an email like this, do not immediately click on the link. Instead, open up your web browser separately and navigate to your actual utilities company’s website if you are concerned. Delete the email and go about your normal business.


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