“The responsiveness of the team at Appletree is truly amazing. Having a partner like Appletree drastically reduces our internal IT expenses as we utilize the staff at Appletree to handle the majority of our IT tasks. This would not be possible without a trusted and responsive partner.”

Elizabeth Gross,
Steiner Tractor Parts


[alertbox]Custom Programming for E-Commerce Site, Hands-On Consultation for Continued E-Commerce
Growth, Web Site Maintenance, 3rd Party Integration

Steiner Tractor Parts[/alertbox]


Steiner Tractor Parts Product Manager

Custom Programming of a Product Management System allowing for centralized data and price management across multiple complex systems with a detailed audit trail. Custom Built Integrations with multiple systems including Great Plains Accounting, Keyora Web, Amazon, Google Base, MyBuys Personalized Product Recommendations, SLI Systems Search, Multiple Print Catalogs and more.

Steiner Tractor Internal

“We have used Appletree MediaWorks for the past several years to support our website and marketing efforts. The product hub they built has helped to streamline many operations by allowing all of our product information to be managed in one location. A robust system hidden behind a simple, clean interface along with detailed change auditing has empowered our staff to make updates to our website and catalog without having to learn any new software. Appletree has also assisted in integrating this application with our legacy systems for a truly seamless experience.”

Elizabeth Gross,
Steiner Tractor Parts

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